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Thor, The Best Of Avengers Phase 1? - Review

Summary: Thor is the best of the Marvel Avengers movies, to date. Or is it?

Frozen or Thor'd?

Thor The Dark World has just been released on Blu Ray and DVD (see my review), but the first outing, "Thor" is still a fun film to watch and rewatch.

I have written before about the Avengers movies, but I said there that Avengers Assemble was the best of "Phase 1".

Well, I may have to revise that opinion and put Thor on top, or at least, give them joint first position.

There's just something about this movie that puts it head and shoulders above the others and no, I'm not just referring to Chris Hemsworth's (Thor) physical height!

A Trip To Asgard

The story is very different to the other Avengers movies, with a different setting and another world to explore (more than one, in fact).

The artwork and effects for the environment of Asgard are particularly good, giving it the feeling of a heavenly dwelling place and a sense of wonder, while also being connected in some way with the worlds around it.

Without spoiling the plot, its themes are that of redemption and consequences, with Thor and those around him being changed by their experiences.

The characters, most being gods from our human perspective, are all interesting, especially the relationship between the brothers Thor and Loki, and their father Odin.

Anthony Hopkins as Odin is suitably impressive, but I've become a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston as Loki and I look forward to seeing him in this (and the Avengers), almost as much as the main hero.

Lightning Strikes

The human characters are fun too and provide a, er, human dimension to the action.

Their actions and reactions as they try to understand what they are dealing with are fun and provide a contrast to all the godly goings on.

It's also good to see some political interplay going on between the different factions.

Even if it's not developed to any great extent, the repercussions of events are brought home to us at a national (global?) and personal level.

This sets things up nicely for the later movies, as both family relationships and the greater good are brought into question.

At the same time, it is full of humour and doesn't take itself too seriously.

From Thor's insistence on speaking in a semi-Shakespearean dialect throughout ("are these your chambers?"), to some genuinely laugh out loud comments (look out for the lines following, "I need a horse"), it will definitely keep you entertained.

Hammer Of The Gods

I like too how it crosses genres, in that while Thor and friends have 'powers' in the superhero sense, sometimes they come across as magic and sometimes as science - in a Sci Fi kind of way, of course.

Indeed, the hero himself says, "I come from a place where they are one and the same thing".

That puts Thor in a unique place within the Avengers pantheon: Iron Man has technology, Captain America and the Hulk have special abilities, but only Thor has both.

One of the stars of the movie IMO, is not in fact a person, but a hammer.

This weapon of potentially mass destruction is inextricably linked to Thor's journey, and how he wields it is key to how things pan out - not to mention some lovely special effects.

It always gives an amazing impression of weight and it becomes as believable as the characters and the scientific techno-babble.

So in conclusion, I have to recommend this movie to you and I will place it at number 1 of the Avengers movie chart, for at least as long as the next time I watch Avengers Assemble ...or Iron Man ...or Captain America ...ahem...

Update: Want more Thor? Then see my review of the sequel Thor: The Dark World.

I love me some Avengers and here are some of their movies for you to take home.

Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World

Want to see more of Thor?

Then here he is!

Marvel's The Avengers
Marvel's The Avengers

The Avengers Assemble together for the first time, including our favourite man with a hammer.

Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain America: The First Avenger

If you want your superhero a bit more down to Earth, then Captain America will be able to sort out those bad guys.


Here's a trailer for your viewing pleasure.

 Last updated on March 20, 2014

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Brite-Ideas profile image

Brite-Ideas 7 months ago from Toronto, Canada Level 7 Commenter

I'm embarrassed to say I've never seen any of these movies Thor, The Avengers, or Captain America - sounds like I need to dedicate a lazy saturday to getting caught up !

tonyleather 7 months ago

Looking forward to seeing this!

dwelburn 7 months ago

Thor is probably my favorite hero. The first Thor and The Avengers were great. Have not seen The Dark World Yet. So how tall is Chris Hemsworth? I read somewhere that Thor is supposed to be 6'6"

Charito1962 profile image

Charito1962 7 months ago from Manila, Philippines Level 6 Commenter

As a child in the early '70s, I read many of my brother's Marvel comic series. I grew up knowing Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and many other superheroes. I prefer how they were illustrated back then.

AnonymousC831 profile image

AnonymousC831 7 months ago from Kentucky Level 3 Commenter

Great movie.

Merrci profile image

Merrci 7 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast Level 8 Commenter

Great review! Congrats on Review of the day. Looks so good.

anonymous 7 months ago

Cool review. I always did like Thor.

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@Brite-Ideas: It sounds like you do!

Hope you enjoy them.

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@tonyleather: Hope you see it soon!

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@dwelburn: I watched The Dark World Friday night and I have to say it does not disappoint (methinks I have another review coming).

I just checked and Chris Hemsworth is 6' 2 3/4" (1.9 m), according to his IMDB bio, so he's really close!

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@Charito1962: It can be difficult, when you've grown up with something to see it done in a different way and get your head around it.

I was a bit like that with Lord of the Rings.

However, I have the "advantage" of never having read the Marvel comics when I was young, so I had not frame of reference!

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@AnonymousC831: Sure is..

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@Merrci: Thank you - we were out all day, so I didn't even realise that I had bagged the trophy until we got back!

Thanks for reading.

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@anonymous: Thanks. Glad you liked it.

fullofshoes profile image

fullofshoes 7 months ago Level 2 Commenter

Although I'm not a huge fan of the superhero genre, my house was filled with it... my son was a fanatic to say it mildly. I'm a huge fan of your review however!

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@fullofshoes: Ha ha, I can see that could have been interesting!

Thank you for reading and for your kind words.

flinnie lm profile image

flinnie lm 7 months ago from Alabama USA Level 4 Commenter

Hi great review, congrats on review of the day. Thanks for sharing.

Radgrl profile image

Radgrl 7 months ago Level 1 Commenter

I loved the Superheros movies especially Thor!

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@flinnie lm: Thanks for reading.

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 7 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@Radgrl: Me too ;)

Thanks for reading.

Purple335 6 months ago

@Brite-Ideas: I used to be the same way until my best friend made me watch Thor. I loved it then I watch the rest of then Marvel super hero movies. You'll love them. One of the great things about the recent marvel movies are that they aren't just action packed but they can be pretty funny at times.

Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 6 months ago from Surrey, UK Hub Author

@Purple335: They certainly are.

Glad you like them as much as I do.

Thanks for dropping by.

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